Engine for personalisation

RuleStore® Web service beneficiate your applications with a unique
personalisation engine and advanced decision support. Eliminate complexity and expensive wages in both development and maintenance. Get quicker, better and cheaper software solutions with intelligence.

Strong engine for personalisation

RuleStore® Web service makes it possible to beneficiate business solutions with a strong software engine for personalisation and advanced decision support. With a few simple web service calls, any application can be fed with the many advanced opportunities for personalisation.

Quicker, easier, and flawless software

With RuleStore® Web service, comprehensive coding complexity is eliminated from the application development as all quality assured business knowledge is encapsulated in a logic model which is accessed through web services.

Business knowledge no longer has to be programmed and maintained in the application, which results in significantly quicker and easier application development.

Programming errors are avoided, and precious time for debugging is eliminated which means the application can be put into operation quickly. Simultaneously, the application code is more simple and easier to maintain for IT staff.

Flexible system design

By separating business logic and programming code in the application, far greater freedom, flexibility and quickness can be achieved. Business people can continually update and release business knowledge without involving IT staff at every single update.

Simultaneously, IT staff can concentrate on the development of the application itself without having to worry about understanding and convert business logic to programming code. Thereby, there is no longer need for the programmers to have detailed knowledge about the business logic or using extensive resources on knowledge transfer.

Better performance

RuleStore® Web service gives a significantly better performance than by programming the business logic traditionally.

Response time is significantly less as all business knowledge is quality assured and calculated before release to the users.

With RuleStore® Web Service, the application developers only need to use one simple web service call to obtain all consequences of every user selection, which gives a response time in a few miliseconds regardless of the extent and complexity of the business knowledge.

Traditional programming will process and analyse all the programmed rules before the consequences of a user selection can be determined. This process is time-consuming, especially the more extensive and complex the business knowledge of the company is, and often the response time will be several seconds.

RuleStore® Web service-based solutions also have a low and predictable need for memory allocation, often logical models are established with very few kB (kilobytes!). This gives a far better system performance.

Improved user experience

All business knowledge comprised in RuleStore® Web service is validated and calculated before release and thereby the quality is assured at every release. The users are navigated safely among all the possible combinations with automatic explanations and resolutions to eventual conflicting choices. This gives an unsurpassed user experience.

With traditional programming of business logic, there is no guarantee that a user selection lead to a valid solution or that a user can be guided to a secure valid solution at a conflicting choice.

Minimal maintenance

Continuous maintenance of the application code for business logic can be completely eliminated by the use of RuleStore® Web service.

With RuleStore® Web service, changes in the business logic solely occur in the encapsulated logic model. The application will automatically receive this updated knowledge via its web service call without needing to update the application itself. This means, that every company can save many valuable wage hours both in development and continuous maintenance.

Reach your goal faster and cheaper

With the use of RuleStore® Web service, it becomes easier, cheaper and faster to both develop and maintain applications with advanced decision support. It becomes faster and more flexible to change and release business logic – and moreover, the users receive a better experience with good performance and unique guiding.