Price all variants

RuleStore® Pricer  creates an overview of all product variants and ensures correct pricing of all combinations. Quality assurance with impact study before release. Automatic distribution across sales channels, platforms, and devices.

Create an overview of all combinations

With a large number of valid combinations, it is easy to forget the pricing of all features and variants as business legacy systems often cannot manage the complexity of personalised products and prices. This can have great consequences for the profitability of your personalisation.

RuleStore® Pricer creates an overview of your product knowledge at
any time so you never forget to price all the requested combinations of your personalisation.

Pricing and price models

Keep track of your price knowledge with advanced discounting on various product lines, regional list prices, accrued exchange rates and individual methods for calculation of net prices, including cost and market-based pricing.

Opportunity to establish advanced price rules in distinct price models that can manage great complexity of price calculation. Simulation and consequence analysis provide quality assurance before the release of price models.

Versioning and release management

Pricing of customised products and services requires both knowledge of the possible product combinations and knowledge of customised prices. The knowledge is often divided between various departments in the company, which makes the pricing asynchronous and delayed.

With RuleStore® Pricer, knowledge of both product combinations and customised prices are unified in one system, so the pricing is automatically performed on the latest updated product knowledge. New product features and variants can in this way be priced correctly and analysed before being released to the users.

With versioning of your price updates, you can decide when price changes must become effective, so you avoid affecting cases in progress. Simultaneously, you have time to prepare and test well in advance before the release date. The pricing of previous periods can be retrieved so there is a historical overview of the pricing of the product knowledge for every period.

Automatic distribution in various formats

The price information is often not synchronised across sales channels, platforms and devices, which imply that a product variant or feature can have different prices depending on where and who is asked in the company. Furthermore, significant manual resources are often utilised to distribute price lists to customers and dealers, which contain the latest updates on product launches and pricing.

With RuleStore® Pricer, the approved prices for the entire product range are automatically distributed to all systems and operators in the desired formats, including standard formats like CSV, XLS(X), PDF, and XML. Price lists are automatically created and emailed to the recipients via a batch job. Price lists can also be stored and accessed online by a unique login for the recipients.


RuleStore® Pricer can be integrated with many systems and reuse existing data from the company’s legacy systems such as discounts, cost prices on item numbers, exchange rates and customer data. This ensures central maintenance and effective processes. Simultaneously, RuleStore® Pricer is designed for frictionless interconnection with RuleStore® CPQ so the price knowledge can be released to the CPQ-solution without difficulty.

System log

In RuleStore® Pricer, every single activity that is carried out in the system is registered and therefore gives a reliable overview of who changed what, and when, and to whom. A necessity when prices are continuously maintained for a product range with many valid combination and an expanded distributor network with individual prices.

Increase the top- and bottom line of the business

Have you calculated how much your maintenance of prices matters for the top- and bottom line of the business? Options that have not been priced? Confusion of what prices apply to whom and when? In-house resource consumption by communicating and distributing updated prices to all operators and systems?

With RuleStore® Pricer, you get a pricing system which streamlines the maintenance of prices and ensures that all products variants are priced correctly at any time in all sales channels and systems. You will see the results directly impact the top- and bottom line of the company.