Simplify your workday

RuleStore® CPQ (Configure Price Quote) makes it quick, easy and error-free for everybody to design, sell and produce customised solutions. Just as easy as it would be standard products.

24-7-365 self-service

Make your business knowledge digital and create an online overview of what is possible and at what price for the customers, dealers, and sellers.

Everyone receives a prompt and correct response on their inquiries regardless of where, when or who they ask. This applies to all businesses regardless of the extent of product complexity, distribution channels, and geographic locations.


Guided personalisation

Guided and flawless process from customer needs to composition of your recommended solution. Based on all latest updated details about the company’s range of products, customer prices, marketing initiatives, and legal requirements.

Personalisation based on the user’s needs, regardless of the product knowledge level, ensures professionalism, satisfied customers and higher probability of purchase.


Create winning offers with additional sales

In a few minutes, create the convincing offer with a targeted message that will win the customers’ trust and accept. Offers can be created in multiple languages. Automatic presentation of additional purchase options increase opportunities for additional sales.

Close the case with success while you are in direct dialogue with the customer – you do not have to wait on your support base. Otherwise, you lose valuable time to your competitors.

Increase productivity and lower sales costs

Quicker creation of correct and complete offers, orders, and Bill of Materials increase the productivity in the company – you make more of your current resources.

New sellers give value from day one as flawless and winning offers can be created
immediately without massive investment in product training.

Experienced sellers simply obtain overview of all customer prices to all product details of the entire product range.

Automate internal workflow

Achieve economies of scale and effective automated work procedures that ensure promises to customers are kept from quotation to delivery – without delayed return flow and expensive errors.

Bill of Materials with item numbers, cost prices and contribution margin is created automaticallyand ensures appropriate discount, correct production preparation, and shorter lead times.

Requests for new product variants are handled effectively with intelligent work processes that automatically involve the correct operators at the different stage of the workflow. The customer is automatically updated about status of the request.


Configurator for everybody – without an IT department

Get a CPQ (Configure-Price-quote) solution without having an IT department to develop, maintain and operate the solution. All you need is an internet connection.

We can take care of the entire process including hosting, so you do not have to think of anything but your business.

The solution can to a great extent be adjusted to every business’ needs – whether you have 10 or 100,000 employees.